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P3ters Realm

P3ters realm is an free to join survival server with currently twentytwo player slots.Actually p3ters realm is a german server but over time more and more players from other countries joined on our server.Now the most of the people wich play on our server speak either german or english.We got two german admins Atlantis_2000 and Blackpast, five english mods and two german mods.
( ↑ Main Town - "Leodia")
This enables us to help you 24 h with questions, problems or other kind assistance. The server restarts every day at 07:00 am (GMT+01:00). We also arrange many events on feasts and in holidays where everyone can compete. For a better gameplay we are support any kind of anti-cheating.It is not possible to get op,mod or else if you are new at the server.The Gamemode is only available for admin.
- Guilds you can join
- Event- and free-walkable concept dungeons 
- A very good calculated money and shop system
- Free to use teleporter system
- Free to build regions (also WorldGuard protection possible on request)
- Many events on feasts and in holidays
- Many name titles you can earn
- You can create your own shops
Owner are Atlantis_2000 and Blackpast