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Fun Forg1ven beendet LoL-Profi Karriere

Dieses Thema im Forum "Offtopic" wurde erstellt von DJKhaled, 12. Juni 2016.

  1. DJKhaled


    Registriert seit:
    29. Mai 2016

    der LoL-Profi Forg1ven [ADC] beendet vorläufig seine Karriere bei Origin

    07.06.2016 der ADC (Attack Damage Carry) von Origin verkündet in einem Beitrag auf der Plattform Facebook sein Karriere aus.

    Warum? Fragen sich viele Fans: Er selber begründet seine Entscheidung: "Nachdem ich einige Gespräche mit meinem Team-Leader (xPeke) und der Organisation (Origin) aufgrund meiner fehlenden Motivation hatte, habe ich mich entschieden auf unbestimmte Zeit mit League of Legends aufhören und meine Zeit mit anderen Spielen wie Overwatch verbringen."

    Origin wird die folgenden Spiele mit xPeke (Main Midlaner) als ADC spielen müssen

    Für die Leselustigen:

    Short story here if you want drama you came to the wrong place,

    I went to origen with the mindset to try to qualify for worlds instead of taking the easy way out and skipping entire summer split (which ultimately happened but it was worth trying). However we lost about 90% of scrims in last 2 weeks and especially after i saw the Hjarnan news (not playing due to motivation issues) i came into realization that i couldn't keep up with competitive league of legends at least at this point including the previously depressing playoff defeats from 2016 spring playoff run.

    After numerous talks we had i thought something needed to be changed and so i took the decision to take an indefinite break from League, since i was playing more Overwatch than the game i was being payed to play (combination of not having fun anymore to play the game for at least one and a half year and being introduced to another), and even if i was at a good/golden mediocrity level, i never wanted to keep anyone behind and so for the change to happen so early even if it wont help Origen (probably) in the short run its better that it happened now than later or after the season. I didn't left Origen on bad terms nor i major clashed with someone from the team. They will have more chances of qualifying for Worlds with a younger player that is hungry to play and do stuff than someone who hasn't mentally recovered from previous spring's losses and lacks motivation.

    If you were watching this page from about 2015 you can remember similar posts to what i mentioned before. I obviously recognise that this will leave a negative vibe for the future, in general all those years i gave it everything i had and all i got back was some individual achievements in the past (just saying that having best 'KDA' doesnt mean shit for me) and disappointing playoff runs/IEM results along with multiple organisations not being able to treat their teams decently (excluding H2K, cant judge OG since i was for short time there).

    TL;DR Break from competitive league for indefinite amount of time.
    Will see what happens from spring and after since i got an army deferrment for a long time. I will be doing my internship in the meantime (finished physiotherapy before i joined LCS with CW).

    Experteneinschätzung Ich als jahrelanger E-Sport Experte sehe die Sache eher Kritisch:
    xPeke wird nicht lange mit den "richtigen ADCs" mithalten können.
    Wir werden sehen was für eine Lösung sich Origin einfallen lässt

    Die Rechnung sende ich ihnen per Post
    vielen Dank
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