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PlugIn [MINIGAME] Superjump - Bungee | 1.7-1.8

Dieses Thema im Forum "Software & Grafik" wurde erstellt von CoredTV, 3. Oktober 2015.

  1. CoredTV


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    13. Oktober 2013

    Wanted to play the famous minigame SuperJump, known by Multi Cube? Here it is. And its easy to set up.

    • /pos1 | needed to set the spawnpoint for the first player.
    • /pos2 | needed to set the seccond spawnpoint.
    • /finish | needed to finish the configuration.
    • superjump.setup (needed for all setup commands)
    • superjump.build (needed to place and breake blocks)
    How to set up:
    1. Simply join the server.
    2. Go to the position where you wanted to get player 1 spawned and do /pos1
    3. Now go to the seccond player spawn position and do /pos2
    4. From now you ready to play. Do /finish to finish the setup.
    5. When now joining you cant move if there is only you on the server. There must be 2 Online players!
    How can I win the game?
    When building your own map, simply set a diamond block at the finish. If a player walks over the block, the round is over and the player will win. If you entering water or lava you will die.


    You can change every message in the Config file.


    You can setup a death height too. simply set a number there (for example 50) and everybody who is under height 50 will be teleported to his spawnlocation. If you dont want this, simply set it to 0.


    You need a SuperJump map? here is a pack made by Phizzle



    A countdown will automatically start, when player 2 joins the game.

    Entering water,lava or the death height from the config file will teleport you to your spawn location.

    When walking over the diamond block wich is at the finish, the players will be automatically teleported to their spawnpoint, the winner will getting broadcasted an the server restarts in 10 secconds.

    On server restart you will getting kicked with a custom message, wich you can set up in the Config file.


    Please note, that there can be bugs, because I think I haven't found them all. If you found a bug, please send me a message here at spigot.
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