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McWars is a PVP Minecraft game where youll have to build a fortress for your team and then defend it from your opponents.
There are more than 10 different classes to choose, youll love it.

Every McWars game has 2 phases:

During the
First phase
 youll be given unlimited resources to build a fortress with the rest of your team to protect your monument. This phase lasts 10 minutes. Its important to build a good fortress because minecraft serverliste Its an aditional defense that could be decisive during the War Phase.

During the Second phase
 (War phase), PVP will be activated, and youll be able to choose a class:
To choose a class just type: /footman
, /knight
, /archer
, /builder
, /trapman
, /priest
, /mage
, /spy
, /beastmaster
, /longbowman
, /catapult
 or /alchemist

Every time a gold block is broken a message will be broadcasted telling who has broken the block and and warning the team how many blocks last. The first team to destroy the other teams Monument (the Gold Block cube) wins. minecraft server liste Then youll receive a score depending on if your team has won or not and depending on your Kill minecraft server list Streak and the number of Gold Blocks you have broken during the game.


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