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Simple Survival 2.0

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1 Jahr


Welcome to the new simple survival server!
With a brand new map!

The goal of our server is to stay as close to the vanilla gameplay and give you as much freedom of choice as possible. Whatever playstyle you prefer - you can do it here.
We have an hilariously funny playerbase and i am very dedicated to keep the server running as smooth as possible.

You can raid, grief, kill, or just build peacefully on your claimed land.
But always be prepared to defend yourself with the help of your friends or build a strong castle because hostile players will come and try to attack you.

While your builds are protected, PVP is still enabled on the entire server, difficulty is set to hard.

So what will you be. Be part of a town trying to live peacefully and defending together against external threats. Be an adventurer. Be a killer. Be member of the strongest faction on the server.
whatever path you choose, you are welcome here on simple survival !

The number of staff is kept to a minimum to avoid any abuse and will only be extended if absolutely needed.
Our focus lies on letting everybody play the way he wants to while enforcing a strict anticheat policy.

Update: now running on a 32GB ram i7-6700k dual ssd 1Gbit uplink dedicated machine powered by reliablesite! 

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