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★ PINGCRAFT ★ 1.8 - Cracked - PvE - PvP - SpeedRun - McMMO - Custom Enchants

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Pingcraft is a small but fast growing server with a great, friendly and mature community of people. While we have many plugins installed to keep things fresh, we've still managed to keep a lot of the excitement and gameplay mechanics that have made Minecraft such a successful game. We strive to listen to community feedback and provide the best possible experience for our players. Why not give us a try?

Main Servers & Activities:

Ready to survive the nights of blood moon? Prepare your gear to fight mobs and build in a world with freedom with self-manageable anti-grief solution. Collect custom items and craft unique recipes and protect them in the bank along with your EXP orbs. Use our auctions system to sell and buy items from the Auction house. This is the perfect server for those who wish to befriend new players and just build and adventure with added challenges.
No PvP, only PvE.

Creative (
Are you bored? Head over to our Plotworld, just claim a plot for yourself and start building! Claiming adjacent plots will make the plot bigger!

Kingdoms (NEW!) (
Join our newly launched Kingdoms server for the ultimate fight against might and glory! It plays just like Factions but with better gamplay mechanics!

Speedrun (
Try our parkour race against other players! Be fast and run quick!Rules:
  • No Grief
  • No Advertising
  • No hacks
  • Use common sense
  • Respect Everyone

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