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Heroic Kingdom v2 1.9 - Completly custom Open world Minecraft MMORPG Server

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Heroic kingdom was a minecraft RPG server inspired by famous RPG games like Runescape and Skyrim. After it
was shut down because i had no time to maintain it anymore many fans
have been kind of dissapointed because they could not play anymore on
the server. After a long time I did nothing about that I decided to
rework the whole Server. Since i got much better at coding my own
plugins i will program nearly all of its plugins on my own. I am
currently recoding ALL plugins from the old Server from scratch,
extending the Servers featureset everyday as well as adding new Features
that have never been on the Server before. Instead of using the old
filesystem the Server is now working with an SQL server for quicker
respond times and less bugs. The mob spawning code has completly been
redone. The challange has also been greatly increased using the new
Mobspawning code that i am developing. Mobs have been devided into tiers
of mobs and every mob has a moblevel that tells the player how strong
the mob is they are fighting.

But you might think. What is so special about that Server?
The awnser is simple. It is a combination of an RPG server with elements like leveling different Skills(Highly influenced by the game
runescape) combined with an interactible enviroment. You can gather wood
by hitting trees with axes or mine ores with your pickaxe. You are not
able to modify the world like dig holes or Build anything. Instead the
resources you can gather will respawn after a certain amount of time.

Current list of Features (when they are 100% finshed it means all basic functions are implemented):

- completly randomly generated Weapons :
Damage Modifers, Critical hit chance, Critical hit amount, minimum level, etc

- interactible enviroment :
get ores, cut trees, examine objects, get resources from flowers, set respawn points at crystals, npcs, lockpicking doors and trapdoors,
open graves, open secret passages by clicking, cut grass to get
resources, right click with a shovel to dig and much more. All mechanics
can be found in the ingame manual!

-Hotbar menus:
Right click a compass to open the Area locator (Dungeon Locator on the old server). Click a Location in the menu that pops up and your
Compass will lead you there

-Modified mob spawning code:
Mobs that spawn get automatically a level and health fitting to there strenght. The father you get into the world the stronger your
enemies will be but the more rewarding will be the items that those drop

-Custom Server Resource pack:
It just changes a few blocks so you will still be able to use your resource packs.
NEW: Also adds custom music files that get played on login

Interactible NPCS:
those are interactible and can be pickpocketed, you can talk to them and do much more!

Custom Chest system:
Differnt chesttypes like Lootchests (per player
loot that respawns after a time), Public Chests (Chests where all
players can leave stuff that they do not need for other players to
grab), locked chests (Openable only with the lockpicking skill)

Differnt more skills like on the old server as well as new ones:
For example Thiefery (Steal gems, break into houses, lockpick chests, Steal stuff from npcs)

Daily Bonus:
Like on the old server you will be able to get a daily bonus for logging in

Planned Features:

Custom Crafting Menu:
Instead of the Normal crafting menu you will have a menu where you can craft special stuff that fits to the servers theme

Pet System:
The title says it all ^^

And the best thing of all. You will need NO MODS to join the server

Other Information:

Heroic Kingdom recoded is the follow up on the old Heroic Kingdom server, which many people enjoed and was using Skript to do most of the

In this new Server all mechanics where recoded in a java plugin which currently has about 10thousand lines of code :D

Tools used to build the map:
World Painter, World edit, Voxel sniper ,
Command Build tools, Mc Painter, Bo2 shape importer,
my own decoration plugin for long grass, flowers, lillypads, vines etc.. and creative mode

Custom Resrouce pack Music:
Produced by me for the server in Logix pro x