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Fantasy Dream Worlds

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to introduce you to our project - Fantasy Dream Worlds. We create a group of servers of different directions. At the moment you can appreciate Minigames Server, SkyBlock Kingdoms and with an interesting and unusual gameplay. Our project is conceived as strictly a license, only to holders of Mojang account. Thanks to this we can guarantee a peaceful and fair play without griefers, cartoons, and other dyupov. Also, the servers thought the economy and production system resurov, eliminating the need to wipe and "cleanings" of the world. Playing with us, you can be confident in the safety of their buildings and priobreteniy.V Overall, the project is aimed at an adult audience,
people who want a quiet and long game in good company :)

We have thought for you a series of quests and missions, through which the game will be more interesting and exciting. On the server Mini-games rating system works and achievements displayed on the site.

The next will be opened with the server modes - a combination of high-tech and magic, as well as popular modes MineZ. Also, we are open to suggestions from your side, and try to meet the wishes of the players on the new server

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Was ist Minecraft?

Minecraft ist ein Open World Spiel, welches ursprünglich von Markus "Notch" Persson erschaffen und von dessen Firma Mojang AB weiterentwickelt wird. Mojang AB wurde inzwischen von Microsoft gekauft. ist eine Serverliste mit angeschlossenem Forum, welches die größte deutschsprachige Minecraft Webseite ist. Bei uns findest du den für dich passenden Server und Tipps und Tricks sowie Informationen im Forum. steht nicht im Zusammenhang mit Mojang AB.