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12 Jahre
3 Monate


Always searched for a serious Minecraftserver?
You just found it! is a serious Minecraftserver for serious players.
We do not believe in stupid minigames just to keep the little kids playing and make ourselfs rich.
We want to be an awesome, strong Community and YOU will form it with us ...if you want (sure you want!).

All the cool stuff like Nether, The End, Plotword, Farmingworld is available!
Still missing something?
Tell us in the Forum, discuss a new Feature with your Community and we will make it happen!

Let's play some Minecraft together. Shall we?


Q: You're writing english but isn't it a german server?
A: Good question! Yes, we are a german team, but we do not wanna have
lame language borders so we decided to make it international.

Q: Okey, german, international server. You homepage does not provide a german version. Why?
A:  Aww, you got us lazy people. It is soon available in german. ;)

Q: I am under 12 years old - is there any chance to join you?
A: Yes! But please be cool and don't do something stupid!

Q: I have something important but no moderator seems to be online ingame - do i have to create a post in the forum?
A: No! We have connected chats and always watching the chat from outside the game. Just ask and give us a minute!

Q: Connected chats? Can i join somewhere like WhatsApp?
A: Excellent question! We're currently providing IRC and XMPP. Telegram
may follow soon. WhatsApp is not yet planned since Facebook is evil. ;)