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Vampirism Official Server

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9 Monate

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This is a small modded server focused on the mod Vampirism. This server is made for players who like the mod Vampirism and would like to experience it in multiplayer. It also is used to balance the newest features in Vampirism. Last but not least you can chat with the author of Vampirism (maxanier) on the server.

  • realistic world for your base
  • farmworld, to get all blocks, items and drops you want
  • PvP arenas
  • region protection
Failure to comply with rules will result in various consequences.
  1. Don't build or destroy anything at spawn.
  2. No griefing or stealing in the main world. In the farmworld is griefing and stealing allowed.
  3. No PVP in the main world. There are PVP arenas, where you can fight against other players. And you can fight in the farmworld too.
  4. No admin Impersonation. Don't pretend you are an admin. There is no point.
  5. No Cheating. Hacking/glitching/bug abuse of any kind is not tolerated. If you are one who points out cheaters or glitches/bugs within the server or the mod, there may very well be some kind of reward.
  6. Respect! Treat people nicely even if you don't wish to be treated nicely. We maintain a welcoming environment on the server.
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