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Welcome to the World of TomorrowLandv2!We are a Minecraft Server offering a few different servers for your playing FUN!We are constantly trying to refine each server to make your game experience the best it can be.We are family friendly offer a safe place to be and are also LGBT+ friendly.Please give us a try we are looking forward to creating a stable friendly communityOur Servers currently consist of:
Old Survival PvE (our very first server) Free (1.10.2 base) Protocol HackStatus: 24/7 Complete
  • Grief Prevention
  • Slime Fun + Exotic Garden addon
  • Infernal Mobs (OP Drops)
  • Auto Ranks (/fly /heal /repair etc at VIP++)
  • Auctions , Bags, Economy, Store, Jobs
  • FastCraft, Lockette, LuckyBlocks, Zenchantments
  • LibsDiguises, MyPet, Marriage, Sit, Killer Bunnies
New Survival PvE: Free 1.11.2 BaseStatus: 24/7 Complete
  • Residences (Land Protection)
  • mcMMO
  • AutoRanks
  • Infernal Mobs (OP Drops), MobHunting
  • Magic, Advanced Achievements
  • GUI Shop, Fantastic Apples, Sign Editor
  • Random BloodMoon Phase
  • Auctions, Marriage, Killer Bunnies, FastCraft
  • Optional Paid Perks: ChopTree, EchoPet, FurnitureLib
Creative Islands: Free 1.11.2 BaseStatus: 24/7 Complete
  • Standalone Creative server
  • Plots are complete Islands with Individual Biomes and Non Hostile Mob spawns.
QuestTech: Custom ModPack Forge 1.7.10 Server with LauncherStatus: 24/7 CompleteMini-Games: FreeStatus: 24/7 Work in Progress
  • SkyGrid
  • SkyBlock
  • HungerGames
  • Hide and Seek
Zombie Apocalypse: (WhiteList Server One time Entry Fee required)Status: 24/7 Complete
  • Monster Apocalypse (Only Zombies)
  • 8 Different Fortresses
  • Full PVP with Environmental Damage
  • AutoRanks / Kits based on Kills
  • World is reset multiple times per day.
  • 100% FUN
Vanilla Survival: (WhiteList Server One time Entry Fee required) Status: 24/7 95% CompleteForge-1.10.2-
  • Vanilla Survival Server
  • No Protections
  • No Ranks
  • Beautiful Real World Terrain Generation
  • Can connect with normal MC Client

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