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Welcome to the Server!

This server features a variety of building gamemodeslike Mystic Citybuild, OP Fantasy and Vanilla Minecraft.

What? Never heard of "Mystic Citybild" or"OP Fantasy"?
Ok, then I’m going to explain them to you!

Mystic Citybuild is really fun, because it’s Citybuild with special features. Mystic Citybuild contains more Enchantments than usual.
For example "Disarming". When you hit a player with a sword enchanted
with disarming, he will automaticly drop his weapon! Mystic Citybuild also has
a feature for trees. When you chop a tree at the bottom block all blocks will automatically
fall down! The gamemode has a lot more features, come and check it out!

Now let's talk about OP Fantasy.

OP Fantasy is still in work but its nearly finished.Firstly the farmorlds in this gamemode are incredible. One farmworld is just
out of obsidian and the other is a skygrid world. Also you can buy OP weapons
like a bow with Power X or other items with special features.

Are you Interested?

Then join now on the Server and testout our gamemodes!
We hope you join soon!

HeroBuilding Team

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