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Paxterya - Sparkles and Survival!

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5 Monate

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Hello, voyager! You have traveled through the vast lands of Minecraft not
for nothing. After a long search, you have finally stumbled upon a
new place to call your home: Paxterya!

Let me tell a story about this place, voyager. Paxterya has been founded
by two experienced Minecrafters after they had traveled through the
lands, just like you. But one day, they made a decision: After long
and exhausting voyages, they wanted to settle down. Not just
somewhere, though. In a special place which had yet to be made.

Paxterya,its name shall be.

We are an online Minecraft community with a non-public, medieval-themed
Vanilla server, so in order to play with us, one has to apply first.
You can already join our Discord, but you won't have access to all
channels yet. You need Discord on your computer to join us, as it's
our main communication channel.

About Paxterya
Paxterya is about community and it's about building cool stuff together. A big
and precious city is going to be built, with churches and bakeries,
blacksmiths and libraries, mills and taverns, and of course your very
own residence. And do not worry about losing your progress, we have a
trustable server hoster and Paxterya is going to be a long term
server with a strong community.

Our 24/7 server is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, so European users have
the fastest connection. However, you're invited to join us no matter
where you live!

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