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1. The arrival
Because the playable world is constantly changing through roleplay
events, the only possible way to arrive on the continent of Achoya is
through the explorer's camp Loria. There are currently to ways to get to
When your ship is wrecked you'd normally won't have anything with you.
You'll get 5 starting gold and will be spawned at the beach near Loria.
Your clothes (skin) will most likely be ripped and ordinary.
By choosing this option you will be spawned on a ship at the docks of
Loria. You'll have a choice between 3 simple starter items and 5 gold

New characters
You can create a new character if you want to kill of your old. You
can't have 2 character's at once. Please don't change your character too
frequently, you might lose the right to do so.
Your character's clothes (skin) should be plain and medieval. No elven
ears or orc skin. It won't be necessary to put swords on your skin!

Abilities of your new character
Your new character might be able to read and write, but hasn't got many
more abilities. Depending on his past he might have specific
qualifications for an occupation.

"NPC" characters
Experienced players might be asked to take over a character that's
necessary for our plot. However, if you're asked of course you don't
have to do it. Staff will take over such characters from time to time.
They may have special abilities, a special status or special items which
seperate them from normal player characters.

Communication is everything!
If you have any ideas for your character, have questions or want
anything else please don't hesitate to ask! We're here to help! Nothing
is more annoying to have a character that doesn't fit in and has to be
removed by us.  Like this, it's easier to tell you what works and what
doesn't through talking with you.  Creative suggestions may be approved,
so don't hesitate.                          

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