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Hello Traveller!

The Idea
have you ever cruised around these Serversides, finding one "Minigame, Citybuild, Skyblock" server after another?

well i did and it made me feel sad, i still rememberd the good old Minecraft times.

What we did
So me and a friend started this Server, right now it has 0 Plugins, and we intend to keep it that way.

No Plugins?
We only added a couple of Commandblocks, no plugins
New Chance
The Server was finished on 08.03.2018
Here you have the chance to start from the Beginning, "without overpowerd, enchanted Diamond armor Guys" killing you

So what is this Server?
This Server, MadnessLands is a pure Survival Server, you can go in the
world, build your secret base, get new resources, and kill and destroy
everything you see :D

Griefing and Looting is Allowed!
There is no currency, if you want to trade you either have to trust eachother and meet up
or need to Travel back to the Spawn, the only place where PVP is off.
Ofcourse there is no such thing as /home or /spawn to make it a bit more
exciting :)

Does this sound like a good Server to you?

then join up now!

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Was ist Minecraft?

Minecraft ist ein Open World Spiel, welches ursprünglich von Markus "Notch" Persson erschaffen und von dessen Firma Mojang AB weiterentwickelt wird. Mojang AB wurde inzwischen von Microsoft gekauft. ist eine Serverliste mit angeschlossenem Forum, welches die größte deutschsprachige Minecraft Webseite ist. Bei uns findest du den für dich passenden Server und Tipps und Tricks sowie Informationen im Forum. steht nicht im Zusammenhang mit Mojang AB.