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Yandere Highschool

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Yandere High School 
It's a new day and school is about to begin.
You just can't wait to see your beloved Senpai again.
Can you protect your Senpai from the onslaught of potential rival lovers?
What will you do to protect your Senpai and keep him to yourself?
Will your Senpai finally notice you?
Only you can decide your future.

Welcome to the new, original taste of roleplay.
One of the only roleplay communities out there is coming to your doorstep, but let's go over the awesome things you can do in Yandere Highschool
First of all, you can go to lessons, go to your dorms, get spitballs, view the time, we have days of the week with custom plugins, get staple guns, go to bed, go to a fish and chip shop, go to the "dark alleyway" and do other exciting things 
In our server the possibility to do anything is endless, you can develop your character, or kill your character, be insane, be crazy. 
Our server is proud to say it's fully based off the popular game Garry's Mod we have tooken several urban roleplay features and smashed them into minecraft for your experience. 
So what are you waiting for? Jump in this insanely fun server. And see what can not be seen.

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Was ist Minecraft?

Minecraft ist ein Open World Spiel, welches ursprünglich von Markus "Notch" Persson erschaffen und von dessen Firma Mojang AB weiterentwickelt wird. Mojang AB wurde inzwischen von Microsoft gekauft. ist eine Serverliste mit angeschlossenem Forum, welches die größte deutschsprachige Minecraft Webseite ist. Bei uns findest du den für dich passenden Server und Tipps und Tricks sowie Informationen im Forum. steht nicht im Zusammenhang mit Mojang AB.