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Entered since28. Feb 2016
Reviewed28. Feb 2016
Hello there and welcome to our 24/7 Survival/Freebuild Server!
As the name implies, the server is always online and you can join, play survival and build whatever you want, wherever you want.

But what exactly makes this server so special? Why would you want to play with us?
Maybe because...
...we get regular updates for all our plugins.
...we provide a giant world free to explore and build.
...we have an economy system including shops and rewards for killing hostile mobs.
...our Server is "Multilingual". That means you can speak english, german or any other language you want.
...the server doesn't lag.
...there are events to either celebrate such things as Halloween and Christmas or just to fight against tons of mobs in our arena.
...we have a simple ranking system that still gives you a chance to proof that you deserve your own rank such as Architect, Officer or Landscaper.

But the best part is:
1: We are not whitelisted! Yep! Just join us, check the rules and start playing. You don’t have to sign up on our homepage or do any weird tests. You don’t even need any building permissions!
2: We have multiple Protection-Plugins such as World Guard and LWC to prevent griefers, killer and thieves from destroying and stealing any of your stuff! That’s still not enough? You build something big that took you hours of hard work and you really want to save it somewhere on your own computer? No problem, you can get a copy of your stuff for your singleplayer mode!
3: Our staff members are NOT just immature little kids that rage at you for no reason or abuse their commands to ruin your game experience! They are active, friendly, treat you with respect and will help you whenever you need them as long as you just follow our basic rules.

So what are you waiting for? What else could you even want?
Join us now and start building! :)
  • Client Mods nicht nötigMultiverse
  • Lokales BannsystemBukkit
  • Alle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbarMobspawn an
  • SurvivalFreebuild
  • EventsIngamegeld
  • Jobs/BerufeUserhandel
  • LWCTeleporter/Warps

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