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Entered since06. Apr 2016
Reviewed06. Apr 2016
We have been going since December 2014 as a 24/7, Fully Open, Public (Non white
list) free to play server, during this time we have seen thousands of
players join our server with an aim to build something cool to hare with
other like-minded players. We have facilitated this desire on a 24/7
basis for all the players that have joined.

We have a lovely 99.7% uptime since the server opened! The server has scheduled
maintenance and some tiny problems that have cropped up, but the
development team and server administrators are quick to fix issues and
get everything back up and running.

The personal view of the owner, and the reason of this server’s inception, was to
create a server for the players with a minimal staff footprint. From
other servers that the owner has played on in the past there always
seems to be more Cowboys than Indians (meaning more staff than players),
the staff corruption issue always seems to crop up and ruin other
people’s game play. After some hair loss and frustration from the owner
of Keneti whilst on other servers just wanting to play the game and
enjoy it, the power mad staff of these servers just got the better of
him so he started Keneti.

We do hope you will enjoy your time playing on the server and if you have any
problems whatsoever, then there is all the reason in the world to let us
know about them. Check out our forum for plenty of information about
things that are relevant and current for Keneti Minecraft.
    [*] Uptime: 99.84%  [/*][*] White List: Open [/*][*] Who are we looking for?YOU {option} [/*]
  • Premium-ServerBungeecord
  • TekkitIC²
  • SurvivalAdminshop
  • UsershopsIConomy
  • Chestshops

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