RakijaKrotaDakovo Craft

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Entered since31. Mar 2017
Reviewed31. Mar 2017
What We offer you:

1. Fun!
2. Nice Staff!
3. SkyWars! 
4. Freebuild!

PLEASE NOTE: TYPE IN THE IP :  RakijaKrotaDakovo.mcserv.me    AND NOT :0000 at the END!

RakijaKrotaDakovo Craft is a Beta Test Server!
It means that we are not finished with Updates for our Minigame and for our Server!

If you find Bugs on the Server Please show this our Staff Members!


Our Server is not a 24/7h Server it means that We are not everytime Online!

Mostly we are at this Time Online:

Monday-Friday : 14:00-15:00 / 17:00-19:00
Saturday            : 11:00-13:00/  18:00-22:00
Sunday              : 11:00-13:00/  19:00-20:00

(Our Online time can sometimes differ from the Plan! It means that We are sometimes One hour more Offline or Online! Or the whole day Offline/ Online!)

We  are Sorry for that!

Have Fun at Our Server!!!!!!

Your Staff Members,

Rakija, Krota, AoRo91
  • Cracked-ServerFreebuild
  • Teleporter/Warps

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