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Welcome to RevelationsMC. 

Join the forces of light with Jesus Christ or join the rebellion under Satan himself! This server provides unique RPG Sky Island Factions gameplay with: 

* Custom plugins made from scratch! 
* Over 50 UPGRADE-ABLE custom weapons and armor with custom textures and abilities. 
* A level-up system that allows you to customize your character among 7 attributes. 
* A unique factions system that has been featured on this site. 
* Sky-Island challenges. 
* Angels and Demons fight over the SOULS of people in the town of New Corinth. 
* Angels and Demons PVP with their best gear in our arena mini-game. 
* Server-wide boosters. 
* In-game cinematic. 
* Maps and Lore designed to be biblically accurate. 
* A portion of server donations go to charity! 
* Continual updates. 

Come join us. PLAY.REVMC.NET.
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