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Entered since07. May 2017
Reviewed07. May 2017
Minimum age14 years

Roleplay, PvP and Freebuild

    [*]100 Slots[/*][*]Survival[/*][*]Freebuild[/*][*]PvP[/*][*]Economy[/*][*]Roleplay[/*]
Are you looking for a new Server? Well then take a look at BrokenSurvival
We are an Survival-PvP-Economy Server with an active and friendly Team and a lot of cool stuff to explore for you. BrokenSurvival is made for those who are looking for Freebuild Survival with PvP elements. We provide a huge World where you can build your City House or Castle. You can be an architect an explorer or just the richest guy on the server. If you want to you can even do some Roleplay with other players. So take a look and get in love with BrokenSurvival
  • Premium-ServerClient Mods nicht nötig
  • MultiverseLokales Bannsystem
  • BukkitFliegen nicht möglich
  • Alle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbarMobspawn an
  • SurvivalRPG
  • FreebuildPvP
  • Usershops

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