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Hi, this is WELTEINZ and this is our Server.. First things first - If you are looking for a very small and even slower growing community which is pretty picky about their members, then the following might be right up your alley. The server is running since 2012 with the same map, wich means if you want to use new biomes, blocks or items you will have to move - it's up to you to challenge yourself and start all over again or just take stuff with you. As I already said, we are a very small community. 4 to 5 people are playing on a weekly base, the rest about 10 is jumping onto the server every now and then. Average age of our community is round about 30. Would be nice if you fall into that range, but exeptions can be made. You'll need to be at least 18 years old - no exeptions here. We will not tolerate PvP - unless both parties agree to it, griefing, stealing, cheating or similar behaviour. You will not get a second chance if you can not stick to those rules. Same goes for racism, sexism or in general salty b haviour. There are no premium features or any other fees. We will never charge you for anything relating WELTEINZ. The server is strictly vanilla, there are just some quality of live improvements like Better Beds but that's it. Just because we run this server, doesn't mean you have no rights. Changes will usually discussed with all of our members - yes, we are very serious about that. There are no benefits for the admin or special rules. The admin is playing the games like everyone else and even dies as often as the rest (sometimes even more). Maybe a word about us being picky. You can not just simply reply to this post and we will add. We know this is not the usual way, but we really want to keep this server the way it is; a very friendly community based on trust. So if you want to apply for the server (thus far we do speak english and german) please send an eMail to [email protected] you will find further informations on welteinz.de - only in german for now, but we're working on a translation. If you feel addressed we would be very pleased to hear from you! Cheers Zed
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