500 Jumps To Succes (Adventure Map)

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Der Parkour-Kurs 500 Jumps to Successverlangt euch alles an Fingerspitzengefühl ab, was ihr habt. Durch luftige Höhen, schier unüberwindbare Hindernisse und tödliche Abgründe heißt es klettern, springen und schwingen. Habt ihr das Zeug dazu?

Are you looking for a parkour map that is magnificent as it is challenging? Then, o 500 Jumps to Successo is the map for you. After all, its creator claims that it is the o hardest parkour map ever createdo . The map contains ten different stages ranging from Dirt and Stone to Diamond and Obsedian. Furthermore, each stage contains 50 jumps as well as 5 checkpoints. In addition, the map also features multiplayer support. The creator claims that o you will never complete this map evero . Think you can prove him wrong? Download the map and give it a shot! Pros: Gameplay on this map will last long because there are different stages with 50 jumps each. Gamers will not be disappointed by its length. Also, this mapo s insane difficulty makes it unique. Cons: This map favours experienced Minecraft users and new users will find it very difficult and frustrating. The map is also a bit limited because blocks cannot be placed or broken. In multiplayer mode, you are not allowed to punch other players, which takes a bit of the fun away.

Server IP : 500JTSAdventureMap.aternos.me

1.Quelle :  http://www.giga.de/spiele/minecraft/specials/5-minecraft-adventure-maps-die-ihr-gespielt-haben-solltet/page/6/

2.Quelle : https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/500-jumps-to-success/
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