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How do you do?
we are, anetwork based in Germany. Our root comes from the former network
SoulxRyze will not only remain in the German area, but will also spread to all
other countries through our ongoing internationalization. Also not only
Minecraft will be of great interest for us but also Hytale, Ark and other games
where it is possible to host servers.
Our Minecraft servercurrently offers you the 3 long-term game modes PvP, Kits and Guns.
In PvP we offer you a lot ofpossibilities to exercise your gaming power. You can participate in
tournaments, build bases, form a clan, take strongholds, conduct 1vs1 fights
and of course fight normally. To improve your fighting experience and become
stronger, we offer Skills, Permabuffs, Potions, Kits, Levels, Time Rewards and
Crystal Keys.
Kits has several flyingislands that are changed over and over again. Here you can also choose from
some kits. In our kits shop you can equip yourself and via the level system you
can also get some rewards.
Guns is a game mode withfirearms in Minecraft. Here you can choose between a sniper, a assault rifle, a
shotgun or a rocket launcher? For those of you who want to destroy as much as
possible, we also have a lot of grenades ;) There will be a major update on
Guns in the future, but first of all it's our PvP server's turn again.
Our website offers you alarge number of pages. Among them a shop, support, the rules, information, a
social media page and a blog. In the future there will be a forum on the
Our server system isequipped with a dedicated server with 128GB RAM and a server processor, as well
as an SSD for optimal speed. This server is hosted by Hetzner.
With kind regards
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