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Entered since05. Jun 2019
Reviewed05. Jun 2019
Minimum age16 years
English description
In general, this server is a towny server with hardcore elements, game changing mechanics about standard gameplay and softresets on death. The single aspects are described in more detail below. After the feature list there will be an conclusion for the group of players this server aims for.

Gameplay changing elements/mechanics:

- breaking stone is only possible with iron and diamond pickaxe. The durability loss is very high
- breaking ores turns stones around the ore into cobblestone
- torches cant be placed in deep caves, on soft materials and will break when affected by rain
- various environmental injuries have been buffed
- caves spawn double as much monsters, in deep caves monsters can spawn in light
- monsters have new effects/abilities
- nether warts cant be farmed on soulsand and various other nerfs for farms
- plants can die if you dont take care of them
- nether monsters can drop nether warts
- some blocks cant be used as main structure for building as they fall down in the air
- explosions are stronger, especially in caves
- water evaporates once you placed it
- 20000x20000 worldborder, expanding with time

The meaning of death:

- if you die you get banned for 16 hours. A person can sacrifice his life for you using /revive, which makes him die, but also unbans the      other person. Extra lifes also can be obtained via events.
- dropped iron and diamond tools take up to 50% durability damage, but cant be destroyed
- up to 10% of the dropped items will disappear
- for mcmmo levels, after skill rank 20 each skill will lose 5% of its levels

Currency and Economy:

On this servers, having gold nuggets, ingots or blocks in your inventory gives the items a numberic value. The values are
- Gold Nugget = 1
- Gold Ingot = 9
- Gold Block = 81
These items are the currency and can be used at towny and player trading. Due to the fact the worldborder is only increasing step by step the amount of money is limited.
To use money offline, you need to create a sign on a chest with "[vault]" written in the first line. Towns must have a vault with
"[town vault]" written in the first line in order to exist.

As a conclusion this server is made for any hardcore lover, who likes to have a diffrent experience with minecraft. We tried to make it not to hard, but just right, especially while having the pressure of pvp fights in the wildness. The mechanic changes should give a new experience to minecraft by forcing the player to adventure the world, the death punishments are meant for the player to take care while on his journey. There are no unfair mechanics with unavoidable deaths, instead there are outplayable mechanics to play around, adapt and survive. 
Thank you for reading our server presentation and we hope to be able to convince you to try out the server :)
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