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Welcome to Pixliesearth 2.0
Were a geo-political factions server that uses an Earth map along with many custom features and plugins . Geopolitical factions provides a unique twist to the original factions gamemode, in which you can create your favorite real life nation, or make you own on our Earth map.
You can conquer your favorite parts of the world, build a great city, create a powerful alliance or roleplay an alternate history. Geopol offers a large diplomacy and political aspect, while maintaining the exciting PVP that traditional factions provides. 

Technical Info:
- Version: 1.14.4. -
- IP: play.pixliesearth.eu - 
- Dynmap: 
https://map.pixliesearth.eu/ -
- Discord- code: gqyGXaj  -

Our server seperates itself by implementing as many aspects of reallife, such as currencies or an advanced crafting system, to bring the possibilities for politics and diplomacy to the next level. You could basically replay the Cold War era if you want. Theres also weekly challenges that offer another aspect to the overall gameplay.

Also featuring a unique war system that prevents being raided: In order to war you will have to  submit a CB- request (cb=casus belli).
When accepted you have a week time to declare the war. There are more specific war rules i dont want
to go over to detailed here. Join the discord and read the document there.

If diplomacy politics or wars don’t interest you, we have a plugin for you called Slimefun. It adds electricity, basic machines, digital miners, programmable farmers, short everything that other players would install a mod for. Also, Slimefun items can make you a lot of money.

- Currently looking for teammembers, wheter youre a minecraft veteran or developer were looking for 
people helping us enhance the expiereince for our players. Apply at:

For more information about the server and our war system join our discord at:
  • MultiverseServerübgreifendes Bannsystem
  • Mobspawn anReallife
  • ReallifeRedstone-Techniken
  • Jobs/BerufeAdminshop
  • StarterkitLWC

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