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Welcome to Survime !

This server is a semi-vanilla survival server which is quite a new server! We already have a few regular people playing and wanting to see the server progress. We also have a voting plugin which helps you grow and so you can play with many other people!

I am currently learning some different programming languages ​​to become the server become unique. Java for Minecraft plugins, I plan on learning many more! I'm about to start learning software development which should improve the quality of the code!


1. No griefing
2. No swearing
3. Respect all Players
4. No Cheating / Hacks
5. Do not Spam
6. Do not Annoy People
7. Keep the server tidy - No floating trees, random blocks ...
8. Two Minecraft Accounts Maximum
9. No Advertising
10. Have fun!

The rules are here to keep people safe, any violations to these rules will result in appropriate action from us.

Server Features

- A Discord server you can join so you can chat to in-game players and talk to people if you are away from the game!
- A voting plugin which gives you rewards and allows the server to grow
- A land claim system to stop people from breaking things!
And of course already lots of great players!


/ rg i - Shows you which region you are in. So you can check your build is protected
/ msg - To privately message players
/ r - To quickly reply to the last person who messaged you
/ it - So you can easily edit a sign without doing it all
/ ec - Open your end chest anywhere
/ home - Teleports to your homewhich you set with / sethome
/ tpa - Sends a teleport requesting a player so you can work with other players!
/ tpaccept - Sends a teleport request
/ afk - Lets other players know you've gone AFK (Away from Keyboards)


So feel free to join Survime and join our great community!

If you can not connect to the server with "", try "" :)
  • MultiverseBungeecord
  • BukkitSurvival
  • FreebuildVotebelohnung
  • Teleporter/WarpsEULA-Konform

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