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This server was made with the intention to last and create memories but still be fair and fun. I am a very passionate and long term Minecraft gamer myself so if you really want to build something that you are proud of and that will last, this is the right place.

MetaUnion is a very long standing network/community maintained by me, Folas1337 and has been created around 2012. I've lost interest in Minecraft for a while and just picked it up again.

Now that you know what the spirit of the server is, here are the features you need to know about:
- More challenging gameplay (I have tweaked a plugin called ExtraHardMode, it'll tell you all the things that have been changed in game) - some things are harder but they're not too obnoxious so it's more fun for experience players
- GriefPrevention is the plugin that keeps your stuff save. Make sure to claim everything you build so nobody can steal from it! Everything that's not claimed will not be retrieved either!
- mcMMO adds skills to everything you do like mining, killing mobs, harvesting all kinds of things
- PvP is turned off by default but there are PvP arenas where you can battle for glory.
- Lifts can take you higher than ever and faster than ever
- Shops: We also have an admin shop where you can buy stuff that might get rare or create your own shops and sell items to other players
- Difficulty is set to "Hard"
- EliteMobs are mobs that are even harder to battle but they drop awesome armor, weapons and tools that are better than anything you've ever had in vanilla Minecraft
- DeathChests are chests that will be placed where you died so you have 1 hour to retrieve your inventory, otherwise it'll drop to the ground. You'll have to carry 1 or 2 chests in your inventory for it to work though!
- TNT Olympics: TNT Olympics are inspired by SethBling and reconstructed on our server. Everyone can play them with a simple "/warp tntolympics"!
- Parkour: We have a parkour with different difficulties that you can play and you'll also be rewarded in survival with awesome perks! You'll have to gather up $7,000 (in game money) to play them though since the perks are really strong.
- Fireworks have been turned off because we think they are too overpowered if used on elytras and it takes away the use of horses.
  • Client Mods nicht nötigMultiverse
  • BukkitFliegen nicht möglich
  • Alle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbarMobspawn an
  • HardcoreSurvival
  • SurvivalRPG
  • FreebuildEvents
  • PvPUserhandel
  • AdminshopUsershops
  • MobarenaNoCheatPlus
  • EchtgeldshopVotebelohnung
  • FlatworldMinigames

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