SKYBLOCK 1.14.4 [Free Keys] [Minions] [Pacman]


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Minecraft 1.14.4 - BSkyblock - WAQE.GGS.GG

✅ Three Economies Bricks, money and tokens!

✅ Minions to mine, farmer and kill for you.

✅ Gambling for items/money.

✅ Multiple games for brief skyblock diversions.

✅ Pacman seriously!
✅ Whack-a-mole!
✅ Skywars
✅ Village Defense
✅ PocketGames, Skywars and other mini-games added..
✅ NOT Pay2Play or Pay2Win!

Ranks are determined by voting.  Each user can vote up to four times per day.  The first day by voting users can rank up to "Recruit" and receive addition money, tokens and crate keys.

Pocket games (25+) reward tokens and diamonds.  Pocket games include:

Single Player games:  diamond collect, apple catch, flappy bird, match it, dino run, 2048, super 2048, simon says, gap jump, whack a mole, drop to war, name it, the minecraft quiz, basket, over under, falling blocks, cave in, cookie clicker, snake, speed clicker, block crush, don't tap, tetris, flow and minesweeper.

Arcade games:
Include Snake and pacman!!

Server has most of it's unique features well documented in the server /library.  The skyblock is made with the latest version of bskyblock by tastybento.  It has additional plugins for island border, levels, limits, challenges, biomes, dimensional trees and quests.

There are over 300 unique quests on the server with rewards from XP, to enchanted items, tokens, bricks (currency), money (also currency) and crate keys.

Survival world is in alpha state, and has a lot of fixes and adjustments to be made yet.  However the main world and the nether are both custom made, and we have received a lot of positive reaction from users (check the discord) with over 21 new biomes.

Plans are being made for Skywars, MobArena (did I mention the survival world has NO vanilla mobs?  ALL mythic mobs), Village Defense with 3 arenas, Duels (1vs1 pvp where you can bet items/money) and a very nice casino with slot machines.

The server started on November 1st, but has been slow in acquiring steady users, so it will not take much to catch up to the others in skyblock.

I want to thank jerry_uwu for recommending and wish him the best of luck in his future.

Thank you for considering my server!  (-:

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