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Hello Minecraft players,
We would like to introduce you our server comunity named Avaloncs.
We are international comunity with Headquarters in central Europe.
We run Minecraft servers but we also run other game servers like No more room in hell, Counter Strike: Global Offensive,
Counter strike 1.6 or Source.
We have skilled teams across the servers so dont worry, if you need help we will provide the best help that we can!

You propably asking what you can expect from our Minecraft server, yeah? 
Its simple. We have Minecraft server:
Mythic DarkAge -
Dynamic maps and good plugins Banlist, Premium Anticheat.
(Pets, Shop, PVP, PVE, HOME, Warps, Protect, Disabled creeper damage to blocks, Golden Apple - droping chance, Daily rewards, Special crates,Ralistic fishing, Jobs & Economy, Simple safe trading /trade, Wood cutter -drop trees instantly with axe, Gate for random teleportation, Special Events)

We are also providing help to servers with financial issues.
If the server have potencial and players we can move the server under our hosting and we can pay for it,
Server is still in hands of his owner but we just pay for it, is that simple.
If you want, you can see for yourself.
Take a look at WEB:
MC server:

We look forward to your visit and we hope that you'll be satisfied with our servers and our Admin Team.
Best regards your Avaloncs team.

discord: DaeDemon#5619
Minecraft server/client version: latest

+Chat for admins
+Automatic regeneration creeper damage to blocks
+Golden Apple - droping chance
+Daily server backups
+Economy /bal /economy
+Simple safe trading /trade (green click)
+Premium Anticheat
+Wood cutter -drop trees instantly with axe
+Gate for random teleportation
+Change your skin /skin xxx
+Bank /bank
+Automatic chest protect /cprivate /cmodify xxx
+custom repairing /uranvil
+Dangerous Nether (new entity, new mechanics,...)
+Ralistic fishing
+Craftbook (elevator, redstones,switches,...)
+bigger enderchest
+Daily rewards /prewards
+leash PETS with lead /petshop
+check how many bees are in a hive
+automatic nectar potion (rightclick to bee)
+custom EMOJI ☂♥ /emoji list
+Protection(area,house,chunk) buy with /lands
+HeadsPlus /heads /sellhead /hpc
+Special crates with keys
+AntiSwear (automatic player mute) NEW!
+Custom Enchantments NEW!
+Custom awesome Shop /shop NEW!
+party (mcmmo) /party join NEW!
+xpbottles /exp NEW!
  • Premium-ServerClient Mods nicht nötig
  • MultiverseServerübgreifendes Bannsystem
  • BukkitMobspawn an
  • SurvivalSurvival
  • Redstone-TechnikenIngamegeld
  • Jobs/BerufeUserhandel
  • AdminshopUsershops
  • NoCheatPlusVotebelohnung
  • StarterkitLWC
  • ChestshopsTeleporter/Warps
  • EULA-Konform

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