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Server informations
Version 1.8
Entered since 23. Jan 2020
Reviewed 24. Jan 2020
Minimum age 10 years
Player 0/0
Owner CheckException
Teamspeak ts3server://
♦ Welcome to KillCraft ♦
Since 2018 KillCraft.NET We want to offer you a perfect mix so that you never get bored.
Active owner / developers always provide further developments and new opportunities! Your own ideas are implemented on the server by your own developers.
General facts
Are you getting bored of the same mini-games in the Minecraft world? We can understand that well! That's why KillCraft offers you something new with different concepts! We attach great importance to the basic principle of Minecraft: collect and create! Through the many small and large adjustments, we try to offer you the real Minecraft feeling with the right flavor of extras and a thick topping of the community. We also have numerous self-written plugins, and we are often in the process of further improving the plugins and adding new plugins. This guarantees 100% fun! There is also a friendly and helpful community atmosphere on KillCraft
with a respectful approach, which also invites you to participate in the chat fun.
♦ Special features ♦
- Further developments and new opportunities!
- Good economy that invites you to trade
- Regular events
- Own islands with / is
- Build your own cool SkyPvP map
- Open crates and get cool items
- Receive a Labymod Crate every 30 minutes with Labymod Client
- Auction house with / ah
- Free signs on the SkyPvP map
- Professional server management
- Get votes and cool items with (vote) (ingame money, items, etc.)
♦ Any questions? ♦
If you have any questions, you can contact our supporters in TeamSpeak or InGame. They will explain everything important to you and help you to get rid of existing problems at every opportunity. You can read more information about our server in the forum. Take a look at us and be part of one of the hottest community in Germany. For bugs or errors please come to our TS server: ts.KillCraft.NET
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  • PvP Skyblock
  • SkyPvP EULA-Konform
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