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Entered since07. Oct 2020
Reviewed08. Oct 2020
New Anarchy Minecraft Server
There is one Rule.... there are no Rules

➢Its allowed to use Hack Clients
➢There are no Plugins at all
➢Just survive
➢Raid a City, with or without your friends
➢This server is close to the original Minecraft experience
➢Everybody is welcome 
➢Griefing allowed
➢No map resets
➢This mode is for you! Lack of power, lawlessness
➢Everyone is trying to survive, a game without rules!
➢Build huge bases, unite into clans
➢Become the greatest griefer on the server!
➢No lag
➢Here are a few things about the server:

➢ A team that takes care of the users.
➢ A completely new gaming experience.
➢ A whole discord for the server.
➢ Regular updates with new features.
➢ A free survival experience also with Hack client

➢ 2 servers connected by bungeeecord
➢ 1 main server with the anarchy setting
➢ a team especially for the server maintenance and all players
➢ freedom as far as the eye can see

But why did we create another anarchy server you may ask . Well we didn't find one that met our criteria. We want it to be on the newest mc version without an annoying queue. And even if we're not against hacked clients, we do want to preserve the most vanilla experience. So we implemented better anticheat solutions to block some more hacks without being annoying. You won't be kicked or banned nor will hacked items be removed. If you can get around the restrictions it's fine, you're smart :) but if you can't you just won't be able to use your hack properly. We will improve our server hardware with the growing player base and raise the number of slots until we reach the physical limit. We create back ups of the map consistently because maintaining the map is the most important part to us. We want to create a server that is active for decades to come with the same map on it.
  • Premium-ServerSingle world
  • Mobspawn anVanilla
  • VanillaEULA-Konform

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