Camping V2

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Entered since15. Oct 2020
Reviewed15. Oct 2020
Minimum age10 years
Welcome to Camping V2
In Camping V2 you can play different Adventure maps together and work together as a team to defeat the evil Stitches before he destroys the world.

In the first map, you continue the first part of the camping from the good ending. You go home and receive a break report. Stitches broke out from the prison, the next day you get a letter from the government. After you accepted the letter, you are going on a crazy adventure

After every chapter, you are receiving 1 EXP if you have enough EXP you can level up, and climb up the Rank ladder until the highest Rank MYTHICAL
After every Season we are resetting every Ladder Rank and VIP 

In the shop, you can buy different boosters, if you are struggling with serving. Here are a few boosters you can buy in the shop
-Jump boost

[Season Rewards]
If you reach MYTHICAL you get at the end of the Season an exclusive  reward
this is only a cosmetic and does not enhance Gameplay

[Opening times]
BETA 15th October  only for VIP's
RELEASE 31st October

You can also join our Discord, to meet our Community, and maybe find new friends, or stay updated at our announcement channel

If you want to apply as a Moderator or Supporter you can join our Discord, and fill out the form, please keep in mind, that sometimes apps are closed Requiring 100 EXP

If you get enough Camping points, you can buy VIP and get some fresh new perks. Here are a few perks you can get:
-Exclusive Lobby only for VIP's
-Exclusive category at our Discord
-view new maps before other people

[Patch V 2.0]New Season
-New VIP Kit
-Lower EXP requirements
-New MYTHICAL Season Reward

If we could convinced you to try out Camping then come and join our discord, we're really happy if you get the next member, we are gonna see on our server!
and maybe you find new friends to play with. (We are really sorry, but we have currently no pictures to show because it would really spoil everything)

Enjoy your Stay 
-DangerHD Head of Administration
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