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Welcome to Crystopia
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Welcome to Crystopia is an international server where you can join with Java (Bedrock is a work in progress)
We always try to bring the ideas of the community to life. We are also always working on great new updates ????.


Welcome to
We were launched by and are a TNS service.
we are now almost 2 months old. The team and I will always try to listen to you and do what you want, but we can only do this by working well together with you, so always be nice and respectful of others and always help other or new players (there are times rewards).

Server Info

All servers are always connected and are synchronized!
That means we always have an eye on you if you are not feeling well or something does not fit then you can always use [code]/report[/code], [code]/support[/code] (both for bugs and for players)

  • We will also have to do maintenance from time to time (only in the beta phase).

  • And you can apply globally to the server as a beta tester.

The Discord of

The Discord is a nice community where there are news teasers and other great exclusive stuff! ????

We look forward to everyone who helps us to improve, there are always great mini-games and give-aways here too.e look forward to everyone who helps us to improve, there are always great mini-games and give-aways here too.​



§1 General Rules
1.1 No harassment, threats or discrimination against other players based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.
1.2 No use of hate speech, obscene language or other inappropriate content. 1.3 No disruption of the game by intentionally killing other players, destroying buildings or other undesirable actions.
§2 cheat rules
2.1 No cheats, hacks, mods, or exploits that make play unfair or violate the Minecraft EULA.
2.2 No use of automatic farms or other scripts that affect the game or violate the Minecraft EULA.
2.3 No distribution of hacked or illegal clients or other tools.
§3 Chat Rules
3.1 No spamming in chat or other network features.
3.2 No Ads for Other Minecraft Servers or Websites.
3.3 No use of automated chat bots or other unwanted tools.
§4 Economic Rules
4.1 No trading of real currencies within the game.
4.2 No Fraud or Theft of Virtual Goods.
4.3 No use of duplication exploits or other methods to generate unfair advantages.
§5 Violations of the Rules
5.1 Any breach of the Rules may result in the immediate ban of the player.
5.2 The Administrators reserve the right to change or update the Rules at any time.
5.3 If you have any questions or concerns about the Rules, please contact an Administrator.
Here is the official Minecraft EULA: EULA:
  • Premium-ServerClient Mods nicht nötig
  • BungeecordServerübgreifendes Bannsystem
  • BukkitAlle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbar
  • EventsGilden
  • IngamegeldJobs/Berufe
  • UserhandelUsershops
  • SpleefSkyblock
  • IConomyEchtgeldshop
  • VotebelohnungStarterkit
  • ChestshopsServerpartnerschaften
  • Teleporter/WarpsSkyPvP
  • GrundstückeEULA-Konform
  • MinigamesMinigames

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