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Welcome to the server where you can participate.

CubeSlide is a server that runs on 1.19+, but you can still join it with older versions. A special feature of us is that we put most of our plugins on GitHub, so user requests can even be implemented by other players, and you can interactively participate in the project if you know how to program. This means that if the team doesn't have time for updates, you can still expect cool updates & bug fixes.

We are also working on a feature that will allow you to create a free Minecraft server directly on You come to CubeSlide, press Create Server, wait until it's up and you can play directly with your friends on your server without having to spend money, there you have full operator rights and can build as you like.

You can find more about this soon on
Or also on our Discord server:

We want to offer a modern gaming experience, which means our server is based on the latest Minecraft versions and uses the latest technologies. We also have various crash protection solutions to offer you an undisturbed gaming experience.

Our team is always ready to help you if you have any questions or concerns. Our servers are located in Germany, it might be that if you live in another continent, you will have a higher ping. Which shouldn't be a problem, since we don't offer competitive PVP, but rather stand out with other cool things.

If we find that the majority of our players come from other places in the world, we will set up more proxy servers to improve the ping in different countries.

PS: We are very tolerant of all orientations & people. Please do not hide, you are welcome to join us. In the end, it's a Minecraft server where everyone should feel comfortable and have a cool time.

If you feel attacked or offended by any player on
please email us immediately at [email protected] or write to a team member on Discord.
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