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Welcome to our Dark Steel server.
We are a small Minecraft Survival Server that can offer you two modes in addition to some features.

For your stay in the lobby, we have pets that accompany you.
Crates where you can dust off great rewards.
Dungeons to fight bosses and much more.

We offer you two game modes.
A survival mode and a kingdom mode.
In Survival, you can freely explore the world, claim an area, and farm and build like in a normal Minecraft world.
In the kingdom, however, you can create a kingdom, manage it with your nexus (beacon) and update it further with resources.
Buy traps in the form of player heads or small structures that give your kingdom an advantage, as well as buy, adjust or upgrade many other useful items.

For the Nether and the End, there are separate worlds that can be entered via the portal at the spawn.

For adventurers we have also built in a skill system.
You can unlock different abilities such as "NoHunger" by leveling up the various skills.We also have a token shop at the spawn.Here you can exchange money for tokens and use them to buy cool tags or nice kits.

For gamers of all kinds, we also have;
  • Quests with special tasks.
  • Daily Rewards with rewards based on rank.
  • Improved fishing.
  • A shop with great items.
  • Cool kits for every rank.Custom enchantments.
  • A pet store with cool pets.
  • Many different backpacks that can be opened with Command.
  • A mining world.
  • A farm for food.
  • Two large PvP zones.
  • A job system.
  • A disco for listening to custom music.
  • A bench.
  • A VIP zone and much more.
Are you curious?
Check out our Discord server and become part of Dark-Steel now. https://discord.gg/595mqgmbTx
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And dont forget to invite all your Friends to have more Fun.
You can also apply to join our team.
Version: 1.16.5
IP: play.dark-steel.de 
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