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Entered since11. Dec 2022
Reviewed11. Dec 2022
Minimum age15 years
Kumpelcraft provides a whole new 1.19.2 Survival world waiting for to be explored and conquered. Our focus is to expand on the vanilla mechanics and give you new stuff to seek out for while maintaining the vanilla gameplay loop as you know it. We also provide a couple of games you can spend some quality time in either alone or with your friends.

We welcome every new player who wants to give us a try and always have a minute for you if you need help or just want to make a suggestion. We do not offer any kind of real money transactions - neither cosmetic nor anything else gameplay related. Kumpelcraft is and always will free for you to play.

• Seasons
Ever felt like Minecraft needed something more to make it feel alive? You'll be pleased to know that we have seasons on our server. From spring to winter, there is a season for everybody to enjoy. Watch you base thaw in spring and get comfy in winter while snow is falling outside. An immersive new way to get more immersed. The seasons are also coming with a ingame calender and seasonal events.

Prime Dungeon is now open for everyone
Accessible via the Entrance Portal in the Games Hub, you can explore over 240 Rooms, slay 4 bosses a day and get some fine loot. The dungeon resets everyday at 3:30 a.m. (UTC+1) and with each reset the layout will be generated randomly. And to celebrate the launch of the Dungeon we also included 2 custom sets of tools and a ton of new enchantments which you can only get there.

Mob Arena
Join the fight and battle waves of enemy hordes for some of that fine loot. you can either fight alone or team up with others. Currently we have one Arena already set up. More Arenas are planned for the future.

You have no idea what to do? Take on one of our new quests we provide. We're constantly expanding on them and are trying to give you a variety of options to choose form. From slaying monsters to go fishing - You'll find something worth spending your time on.

Proximity Voice Chat Supported
It truly is a key feature missing in vanilla Minecraft. But luckily we added it for you. All you need is this clientside mod. It truly adds something special to the immersion and is so much easier than constantly typing ingame. Make sure to try it.

Discord Chat Integration
Looking for help but nobodys online currently? Or just want to check in on other players but you're not able to join? We hooked up a channel at our discord server with the Minecraft ingame chat to make communication easier between two worlds. It's like a nether portal ..but for words.

Online Livemap
A great way of keeping track where you and the others are. It also shows where land is already claimed. You can find the map here.

Other Features
We also got many other features such as custom loot tables, world structures, some shops at the hub with an coin based currency. Also we reward you for mining with occasionally appearing crates filled with items in different rarities.
  • Client Mods nicht nötigMultiverse
  • Mobspawn anSurvival
  • SurvivalRedstone-Techniken
  • AdminshopMobarena
  • NoCheatPlusStarterkit

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