Server informations
Entered since01. Oct 2023
Reviewed02. Oct 2023
IP: play.001smp.de
Discord: https://discord.gg/CqSzMWSm5u
+How 001SMP developed+
At the beginning 001Sarper told his Friends about his Minecraft Server Idea which should be mainly about SMP and PVP. So one Saturday they rented 
a Server and installed the Minecraft Server on it. On that Saturday they worked very hard, made the Spawn and the PVP Areas. On the Second day they
configured the Plugins and the Language of the Plugins, they were optimized for the Gameplay on 001SMP!
We also give you a great Discord where you can report Players if you have a appropriate Proof ;D
Also we of course have a great Anticheat which is optimized for PVP Servers and more!
So don't worry about dirty Cheaters that ruin your Fun & Gameplay.
Join now and have fun with our Community & Server!

+Our Gamemodes+
001SMP has varios Game Modes and they all have their own Areas. You can easily find the Gamemodes on our Spawn! Have fun on them and play well!

SMP: In this Gamemode you can build your Base, place your Spawners and get rich! But watch out for other Players or they will grief your Base
and steal everything you have! That is the Fun in this Server ;D
Crystal-PVP: In this Gamemode you have your own Area on which you can PVP with the other Players mainly with Crystals & Anchors. Prepare
yourself for the fight and bring enough Totems!

Sword-PVP: In this Gamemode you have also your own Area but you can only PVP with your Sword! Like the good old Days.
Crystals & Anchors don't work here, you can't place them. Try Sword PVP it's real fun :D

+More Informations+
Server-OS: Spigot 1.19
Slots: 50
Buyable Ranks/Features: No, you can get Ranks by our Team as a Gift or from the Vote Crates!
  • Client Mods nicht nötigLokales Bannsystem
  • BukkitFliegen gegen Bezahlung (Ingamewährung)
  • Alle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbarEvents
  • PvPPvP
  • IngamegeldAdminshop
  • VotebelohnungSkyPvP
  • EULA-Konform

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