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NextGamers Europe MC Server

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6 Jahre

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The UnityCraft Minecraft Server! We are a freebuild survival server with friendly staff and over 70 plugins. We don't sell any inGame items or ranks with special abilities, for real money, but you can buy Premium with inGame money. Premium gives you fly and some other special abilities. Some of our plugins are (some plugins you can first use when you're Premium but you can get that without real money for 8000€ inGame money)::
  • AdvancedAchievements (get achievements and rewards)
  • AutomaticInventory (autosort inventory, chests etc. and also have /depositall and more)
  • Chairs (you can sit on stairs)
  • ConnectFour (play connect four with someone on the server)
  • CoreProtect (we can roll back grief)
  • GriefPrevention (claim your land)
  • DiamondGuarantee (if you don't find diamond for a set time, will place a diamondore for you)
  • EasyElevators (make elevators)
  • EggCatcher (catch mobs using eggs - to get spawneggs)
  • GlobalMarket (make offers and let others buy your items off a server wide GUI market)
  • GraviTree (if you cut trees, the woodblocks will fall down and u dont have to climb up)
  • Homes (you can set several home locations and teleport there anytime)
  • iDisguise (you can disguise as mobs)
  • LogPad (secure your account from your sister(s)/brother(s) or other ppl)
  • MarketPlace (sit on a chest and create a shop - you have to sit on the chest for the shop to stay)
  • MarriageMaster (marry other players by asking a priest)
  • mcMMO (RPG like leveling and skills system)
  • MyPet (get pets who fight by your side and have other skills aswell)
  • MysteryBags (find some additional loot randomly from mobs)
  • Particles (/particles gives you particles)
  • PickupMoney (money from mobs drops on the ground)
  • RandomTP (find a place to build by using random teleportation /rtp)
  • SafeTrade (do safe trades - /trade)
  • SilkSpawners (mine spawners with a silk touch tool)
  • Voting Plugins for weather and time
We're sure you'll have a lot of fun on our server. See you there! :)

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Was ist Minecraft?

Minecraft ist ein Open World Spiel, welches ursprünglich von Markus "Notch" Persson erschaffen und von dessen Firma Mojang AB weiterentwickelt wird. Mojang AB wurde inzwischen von Microsoft gekauft. ist eine Serverliste mit angeschlossenem Forum, welches die größte deutschsprachige Minecraft Webseite ist. Bei uns findest du den für dich passenden Server und Tipps und Tricks sowie Informationen im Forum. steht nicht im Zusammenhang mit Mojang AB.