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Entered since08. Apr 2020
Reviewed08. Apr 2020
Minimum age18 years
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After a break of five years loomville opens its doors again. And this time for good. We are a plot based creative server, run by minecrafters by heart, since the beginning of the beta. And we host servers close as long as that. The concept of loomville did not change in 5 years. The main focus is the plotworld and the vanilla survival world. Beauitiful designed plots with enough space to build in a spawn area wich is a masterpiece of its own. You start in Sonkei. A village in the center of loomville. Filled with so many details that you could spend a whole day exploring it.

We want to give you a place to forget the world in a friendly environment.
And we would love to meet you and see what nice things you will build. If you need a break from building you can always visit the vanilla survival map. Fly to it by the giant airship based in Sonkei, jump off it and find yourself in the middle of fights against monsters and raiding the bases of other players.We don't expect many questions, but if our experienced staff has always an open ear for your issues and suggestions.The server is free to use and is hosted 24/7. We don't sell any ranks or weird in-game currency. We aim for a mature behaviour on our server, but this doesn't mean younger players are not welcome. In case you get griefed on your plot, you can always contact the staff and they will restore it for you. We want that all players have a decent time on loomville.We hope you enjoy the server as much as we do. Our desire is that you find a home here, a creative outlet and place to relax and find friends.We hope to see you soon, stay healthy!The loomstaff.https://imgur.com/gallery/p5NGRDO
  • Client Mods nicht nötigMultiverse
  • Fliegen immer möglichAlle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbar
  • PeacefulCreative
  • CreativeUsershops
  • SpleefVotebelohnung
  • Teleporter/WarpsGrundstücke
  • EULA-Konform

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