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Entered since10. Oct 2020
Reviewed12. Oct 2020

Almost anything is allowed on AllowedMC.
We use as few plugins as possible to offer users a lot of flexibility. The server is very well suited to test own or downloaded hackclients. We do not use anticheat so that users can try out their clients completely. 

- Hackclients
- Griefing
- PvP/PvE
- Redstone (except for crash machines)
- Duping 

- Scamming (Accounts, Money etc.)
- Attacks on the servers (ddos attacks/crash machines)

Info: Violation of the rules can lead to a complaint!

We have optimized the server for some hackclients. So the server runs on one of the most stable Minecraft versions (1.12.2). Nevertheless it is possible to connect to the server with the latest Minecraft version and the corresponding clients. All big hackclients (like LiquidBounce, Aristois etc.) but also older clients (like Wurst) can be used without problems. 
It is also possible to play on the server without clients. We offer a normal generated world to build and explore. If you don't want to do without some features completely you can use Labmod. This mod offers many features like a minimap and many more graphical settings. 
We deliberately avoid a system of ranks and rights, as we do not consider this necessary. Furthermore, the server should be freely accessible to everyone at all times and no one should be able to buy rights. Therefore, there are no application phases for team members. 
You can also play Freebuild on the server. Build a base, protect it and try to capture other bases and get the items. Since you are allowed to use every possible kind of tools it can never get boring.

Info: We recommend to join the server only if you have a more mature age.

Thanks for reading our server presentation. If we have aroused your interest, we would be happy to see you on!
With kind regards
Your AllowedMC Team

  • Premium-ServerClient Mods nicht nötig
  • MultiverseBungeecord
  • Serverübgreifendes BannsystemMobspawn an
  • SurvivalEvents
  • Redstone-TechnikenPvP
  • Teleporter/WarpsKeine Votebelohnung
  • EULA-Konform

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