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BowRun, TrapDuel, HungerGames, MicroGames, Survival and EndGame.
All plugins and games are self written, so all isunique.
Further more, you can build your own maps and play them with your friends!

In Bowrun runners face archers in a quick, high octane pvp mode.As the game begins, the runners start jumping, dashing and sprinting through plenty different parkour maps, trying to reach the end. Meanwhile the archers grab their bows and a shoot a volley of arrows to stop them. Items can come in handy for each side.
Are you one of the arrow-dodging daredevils reaching for the goal, or are you one of the cold blooded archers practicing shots on easy targets?
Now go, choose your path and write your very own legacy.


Let us hear your most powerful battle cry when you join the dangerous fights in the arena.Gather as many chests as you can, before the protection falls and brace yourself for incoming ambushes. Danger lurks behind every corner.
Hack and slash your way through the opponents and win the games to live another day.
Now pack your stuff and make your way to the arenas. Honor and glory awaits!

Challenge your friends in a collection of plenty fun little minigames. Among them classic modes like TNT run and colour swap but also in completely new ones, like phantom punch or king of the tower … .

The earth shatters, as monsters rise one again to kill the Chosen one. The chosen one protects the Kingdom. Once he has fallen, the endless night breaks over the kingdom and no one will be save anymore.In this hopeless situation, the king has called adventurers from all over the kingdom to come and protect the Chosen from the endless hordes of monsters.
Of course he will pay generously, so go assemble a Team, choose your abilities, buy enhancements and banish those creatures to wherever they've come from.
As long as you stand together, the Kingdom won't fall - or will it?

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/6n2pKn8gVf
Telegram: t.me/timesnake

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSVclIp7sDHx_BCQhU1PE_Q
BowRun Trailer: https://youtu.be/hwtsVvvlPPo
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