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Entered since05. Jul 2021
Reviewed06. Jul 2021
Pure 1.17, Custom Mobs, Bloodmoon (chance during night), Custom items.
Active players wanted. Brand New Minecraft 1.17 JAVA Server.
Located in Australia. We are still developing our server.
Contains custom survival plugins, extreme survival. We are a friendly community and will like to meet more new players. looking forward to meeting you all!

You can even make your own upgrades for the chests and expand their slots with a custom price
You can also sort your chest with a simple button!
Why use furnaces? when you can smelt all your content with a simple click!
  • Create custom chests
    • Unlimited amount of advanced chests
    • Unlimited size for your chests
    • Change the Inventory display name (Colored names)
    • Add custom crafting recipes!
  • Upgrades
    • Expand the slots of the chests
    • Make upgrades
    • Put a price per upgrade

  • Custom mobs (name, health, speed, much more ...)including mythic mobs!
  • Custom items (display names, drop chances, ...)
  • 30 percentages for bloodmoon to occur
  • Multiple worlds are possible!
  • Add custom time based life cycles to custom mobs
  • Custom actions with choosen commands or pre-configured world events (teleports, dashes, etc)
  • Mob in blocks, when mining a certain block during bloodmoon, custom mobs might spawn
  • During bloodmoon, harvesting might fail
  • Traveling through portals is not possible during bloodmoon
  • Sleeping is not possible during bloodmoon
  • Bell warning: When a bloodmoon is scheduled, you can hear the clocks far far away ... the next night, will be a bloodmoon ...
  • Custom resource pack with red moon!
  • Custom difficulty during bloodmoon
  • sounds and effects for despawning mobs
  • lightning strikes on or near the player during a thunderstorm
  • Increased spawn limit per chunk during the bloodmoon

  • - Shop (admin shop, op shop, black market)
    - RPG (Boss)
    - Bank (items,exp,money)
    - PVP
    - 60+ additional enchantments (Op Bow can be enchantment)
    - Boss (20+ custom boss)
    - Bloodmoon (30% every night)
    • Client Mods nicht nötigLokales Bannsystem
    • BukkitFliegen gegen Bezahlung (Ingamewährung)
    • Alle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbarSurvival
    • SurvivalEvents
    • IngamegeldAdminshop
    • VotebelohnungSkyPvP
    • EULA-Konform

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