Gayms CRACKED SMP/SkyBlock [1.16.5]

Server informations
Entered since22. Jul 2021
Reviewed23. Jul 2021
Paper server [1.16.5]

We are a relatively new server with a goal of becoming a smaller (40 slot) server of dedicated players.
What we offer to you:

-A safe place with respectful members:
We have rules on our server that will ensure no one is disrespected.
It should be everyones goal to have fun and enjoy the server without worries of someone ruining it
Breaking the rules will result in a ban (depending on the severity of the rule broken)

-Active moderating squad:
Our staff takes problems seriously
Whenever we are able to help we will do so
If you every have an issue on a server, one of our staff will be available on discord

We have plenty of rooms for you to talk in with your friends or with someone you just met on the server
Same rules apply on discord as on the server itself
Anyone can send invites

The last thing we want is for someone to enter your account and destroy everything
That is why we have AuthMe which forces player to register when they enter the game
Since it is an offline (cracked server) this is a good feature to have
Make sure you put a good password

Do not worry about someone griefing your beautifully made base
With grief protection all your belongings are protected
With each hour played you get 100 blocks to claim

We are using uSkyBlock
Simple and to the roots plugin which is what we are aiming for
Your island is fully protected from intruders (this is not skyPvP)
You can enjoy your peaceful island with only the threat of mobs being a problem
Enjoy the challanges that are set in the world and get rewarded

Be sure to join our discord server if you plan on staying on the server, communicating with our staff will be much easier on the discord platform :)
  • Cracked-ServerClient Mods nicht nötig
  • MultiverseBukkit
  • SurvivalSurvival
  • SkyblockVotebelohnung
  • EULA-Konform
by FauleSocke at 26.07.2021 20:28:42
toller server!

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