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Welcome to EmeraldPrison! we are a OP Prison Server with lots of custom features added to it! We have token Enchantments as-well as crates keys and much much more! We have a friendly community that plays all the time and everyone likes to help each other out and have fun. Join now  and see what there is lots to offer! See you there!
⭐ Tokens
tokens are available for you to be able to enchant your items with custom enchantments we have available on the  emerald prison mc server.
⭐ Crate keys
we have multiple different crate keys available for you to earn while your playing on emerald prison mc. you can get them from voting, mining and much more.
⭐ Custom Enchants
there is various custom enchants available for you to earn while you play emerald prison some of the enchants are explosives, extra tokens, crate keys and much more. join now!
⭐ Custom Chat tags
custom tags are cool chat tags that you can earn while you play emerald prison mc. there are many different chat tags that you can earn and they all have cool chat prefixes that come with them. join now and try for yourself.
⭐ Amazing Staff
 the staff team that we have on emerald prison is super nice and friendly and will help you with anything you need help with and are always around ready to help. join emerald prison mc now and see for yourself.
⭐ Friendly Community
here at emerald prison we have a super friendly community and are always nice to hangout with while you enjoy your time here at emeraldprison. we look forward to seeing you.
⭐ Token Enchants
token enchants are various different enchants that you can earn while you play on emerald prison they all have custom effects and can help you along your mining journey! join today at emeraldprison.apexmc.co
  • Client Mods nicht nötigLokales Bannsystem
  • BukkitFliegen gegen Bezahlung (Ingamewährung)
  • Alle Ränge ohne Echtgeld erreichbarEvents
  • PvPPvP
  • IngamegeldAdminshop
  • VotebelohnungSkyPvP
  • EULA-Konform

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