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Entered since24. Nov 2021
Reviewed25. Nov 2021
you want to play an amazing adventure on your own Skyblock? mcZerosity has anything you need!
Also there will be a lot of minigames in the future so dont miss to check it out! We appreciate seeing you soon

We present you:
- A Skyblock adventure starting with a choice of 3 different island types for your perfect experience. 
- A big upgrade system to improve your island in any way
- A lot of different spawners, even to win in a vote crate with a bit of luck
- A growing network, so better be part of it as a real OG and join now!
- Different Ranks with a big variety of commands to unlock to progress even faster
- Customized Shops in Skyblock
- Customized Treasure and Vote Crates in Skyblock
- Good Auction House system to make a perfect economy on Skyblock
- A big economy System for a perfect grinding experience
- We also have playershops
- and invisible Item frames
- also bringing up special Items like:
   - Super pickaxe - mine in 3x3
   - Harvester Hoe - instantly replant when breaking your fields
   - Sell Wands - right click chests will sell anything in it
   - storage units - make your farm as productive as possible with 1 storage unit instead of a 50x50 chest system
   - distance hoppers - got a farm nearly lowest on your island? Just teleport the items up with a distance hopper
   - block hoppers - dont want specific items in your system? Use block hoppers to block items going thru
   - sorting hoppers - make sorting systems much easier
   -  customized treasure chests with hundreds of different items in it 
- vote rewards perfectly balanced to give a little bonus but not a big advantage to keep it fair


We appreciate seeing you on the mc Zerosity soon!
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  • SurvivalPvP
  • UserhandelAdminshop
  • UsershopsSkyblock
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