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Alpha Centauri Minecraft (ACM) is a family-friendly server that is committed to making all players, worldwide, feel welcome.
Alpha Centauri is a minecraft survial server devoted to providing the best possible experience for all our players. We hold an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation through our many different game modes. If you're looking for a new survival server that offers something different, check out Alpha Centauri!
Why our server:
Alpha Centauri is an up and coming server with a focus on the players experience. We are welcoming to new members, and we offer many features for both the beginning player and the veteran gamer. Our staff team is always around to answer questions, and provide guidance.
Our goals:
With our Minecraft server we would like to provide an inviting, inclusive, and unforgettable experience for all players, regardless of their level of experience or activity.
Minecraft is a game in which players create worlds out of blocks in order to explore, survive, and create together. But this game has the power to be much more than what it's usually thought of- it can be used to teach kids about skill and even physics!
Our connection:
More than just a place in the sky, Alpha Centauri is also the name of a server network that unites people around the world. Thanks to its unique server structure, this network provides not only top speeds but also the lowest ping. What’s more, it can be reached worldwide.
The community:
The community of Alpha Centauri is welcoming and open. The community is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. We want people to feel like they belong so we have a variety of events, contests, and building projects. Everyone has a chance to participate in the community activities. When you become part of this progressive community it will become your home too!
Last Words:
Our mission is to have an enjoyable experience for all players so come check us out!
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