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Entered since29. Jan 2022
Reviewed29. Jan 2022
Minimum age14 years
Hello, we are just a small group of people searching for new LGBTQ+ friendly people to play with us on our SMP! c:
If you have interest, please join our Discord and apply in the application channel.
After joining, you may pick your roles in the roles channel and read the server rules.
I hope we can find some interesting people out there with a lot of interest into building role playing and maybe even redstone engineering.

Server rules:
1. Respect each other, that includes privacy and being kind. Do not share information that someone has asked you not to, do not try to find out someone's personal information against their will, and do not share your own. Name, age range, and country is fine but please nothing more specific than that.
2. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, or anything similar is NOT TOLERATED and will result in an INSTANT ban with no appeals. Please stay away from using slurs. 
3. Please do not talk about commonly known trigger topics, such as rape, self harm, major depression, etc. There is a vent channel but do not take it to the extremes and please add a TW with a keyword if you think your message could be potentially triggering to someone. Also, encouraging minors to run away or sending anyone NSFW or sexual content is PROHIBITED.
4. No spam, please. It's just frustrating to deal with on all ends. This includes ear-rape in voice channels and flashing images in chats.
5. No trolling/harassing.
6. Please use the appropriate channels for discussion! 
7. I and any moderators reserve the right to mute, kick, or ban anyone who does not follow these rules.

I'm stilling missing 20 words, so I am writing this. Do not  mind it, 300 words are just way too much.
  • Premium-ServerBukkit
  • SurvivalVanilla
  • FreebuildRedstone-Techniken
  • PvP

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