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Are you that person who went to so many servers or hopped from server to server to find one for factions or games or prison? Have a big list of servers for each subject? Well I have some good news for you, my friend. Oasis has everything that you are looking for if not more. You don't need all the other servers anymore! Well let's get into it shall we?

Let me start by listing what we have, of course not everything! There is a lot to put on this list, and I'd also like to keep it as a surprise for ya

- facts
- Survival
- Prison
- Skygrid
- Skyblock
- Vehicles (you can purchase them! Using our server money we're not asking you to spend a penny, just have fun!)
- Plots
- Bow war
- PVP (get players heads)
- Capes (make your own custom cape)
- Parrots (yes you can purchase them!)
- Discord and rewards as well as monthly gives away
- KITS (and yes you can purchase them)

Okay, okay, I think that's enough of spoiling, you'll find more when you join!

Oasis is one of the oldest servers, the server is 5 years old, previously used to be called “SkyCraft” but since so much got updated and the server got reopened, I changed the name, let's call it a v2 of SC

Oasis is currently hiring new STAFF members, all positions are open as of now, there is a process to be accepted as a staff, we collect the best staff we can ever find!


Head manager - available
Manager - available
Head supervisor- available
Supervisor available
Staff - available
Helper - available
Social media manger - available

Well I don't want to make this any longer, if you have any questions text me here on discord!

Oasis is waiting for you with the biggest welcome

IP: b29988.leet.cc
Port: 29988
  • Client Mods nicht nötigLokales Bannsystem
  • Fliegen gegen Bezahlung (Ingamewährung)Kostenpflichtige Ränge
  • HardcoreSurvival
  • SurvivalCreative
  • FreebuildEvents
  • PvPIngamegeld
  • Jobs/BerufeUsershops
  • SpleefSkyblock
  • Team Death MatchIConomy
  • EchtgeldshopVotebelohnung
  • StarterkitTeleporter/Warps
  • FlatworldSkyPvP
  • GrundstückeMinigames

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