Boatrace World Championship

This is the boatrace world championship, the biggest international Boatrace championship in the world.

We have the most special server in the Minecraft universe. It is about ice boat racing which is probably the only server in germany about that topic and a very rare one in the world.

You can start time trials on one of the over 70 epic Racetracks that was built on our Server.
If you want you can also build your own Racetrack on the server on a plot in every size which is completely yours, you will also have Worldedit and we also have some Worldedit experts who can help you.

On this Server the Boatrace World Championship has their home, the biggest ice boat racing league in the universe. You can participate easily in the championship by joining our Discord server as a racedriver, trackbuilder, teamowner, racecontrol and social media Team.
We use a professional timing system with it we can set up time trials and races on racetracks to run our races. It gives you information about the pitstops of all drivers, information about how many laps to do and all gaps between all drivers.

We are also present on social media
On Youtube we stream the Races and post other cool video content.
On Instagram we post race results, standings, cool statistics or just nice pictures of the races or from the server.
On Twitter we post news and the same content like on Instagram.
And on TikTok so on Instagram and Youtube funny or interesting Short Videos.

We are partnering with other Big Boatracing Communities like the Appleseed Boat Gang.

You can join our server only with minecraft Java Edition, we don't support cracked minecraft like Bedrock edition or something else.

You can join the server with that Versions: 1.17, 1.18, 1.19 but we recommend 1.19. Although this server is hosted in Germany, the language is in English.

We are looking forward to find some German drivers or in general even more players that we already have.
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